MindCoach – Towers
Lovely puzzle-logic game, ideal for kids and adults! Train your mind by solving puzzles, fill board with right tower's heights as fast as you can and improve your logic thinking! Available for desktop...
edu, game, games, kids, kidspuzzles, logic, math, mind, puzzles, training
Birdy Rush
Being a bird is not an easy task. Especially when there are crates falling on your head! Your job is to avoid being smashed by the crates and collect delicious grains! Fortunately, you are also a skil...
Adventure, Arcade
best, bird, birds, classic, games, puzzles, running, tower
Lights Out
Lights Out is a puzzle where you are given a 5x5 grid of buttons/lights with some on and others off which you have to switch off all lights in the minimum number of moves as possible....
christmas, classic, games, lights, puzzles
Freedom Fish
That fish escaped from the pet store. Unfortunately, it is closed in the package. Cute fish wants to get back to his friends in the sea. Only you can help the little fish back into the sea. Can you so...
animal, escape, fish, freedom, games, package, physics, playcombo, puzzles, sea
Green Valley Heroes
Place flying green valley inhabitants on appropriate flowers. Every character has their preferences in flowers and you need to use your logic and combinate their movements in correct order...
click, logic, point, puzzles
Heart Box
Take the robot through all the experimental puzzle rooms of Professor Rat to release him from the charger! Use the properties of 16 physical objects for complete all puzzles: test-cube, bowling ball, ...
cute, experiments, game, games, jigsaw, kids, physics, professor, puzzles, radbrothers
In Bloom
In Bloom tells a magic story of a beautifull Princess girl on a quest to gather her flowers. Get going as soon as you have two minutes to spare! Warning: this puzzle may cause you to consider thinking...
achievement, addictive, advice, barbie, beast, beautiful, beauty, best, bonus, brain, brainteaser, casual, chain, coloring, combinations, crazy, cute, game, games, gamesn, jigsaw, puzzles, reaction, snake, snakehead
Flow Laser Quest
Fans of digital worlds, Tron and of brain games come and see! Flow Laser quest is an ingenious puzzle game in a computer world that will put your neurons to the trials. Link the points of the same col...
connect, dots, game, games, laser, lasers, lines, puzzles
Fortune Puzzle
Love to play mindstorms for fun? Fortune Puzzle has the best casino puzzles for you!...
best, brain, brainteaser, classic, clean, cleaning, collecting, collection, color, deep, matching, puzzles
Wheely 8
Wheely went on a date with his girlfriend Jolie. They decided to go picnic. They had a wonderful time untill suddenly an UFO landed behind them. There were aliens inside that were lost and need help i...
Adventure, Puzzle
best, click, point, puzzles, wheely
Magic Discs Puzzle
Your goal is to arrange the 3 discs such that each column adds to the same number. The challenge is that you don’t know what that number should be.Comlete all three levels and become the winner....
Arcade, Puzzle
best, game, games, kids, kidspuzzles, logic, logica, matching, math, mathematical, mathematics, puzzles
Logic puzzle with a great collection of real animals. Discover a beautiful photos of wild animals around the globe. Touchscreen control for a mobile devices & mouse control for PC....
animal, animals, brain, brainteaser, friendly, game, games, kids, logic, mobile, nature, puzzles, screen, sliding-puzzle, smart, thinking, touch
Unpark me
We spend a quarter of our lives inefficiently stuck in traffic jam during rush hour. You can enjoy most of this time with this amazing game. Cars and trucks are obstructing the path. Solve it!...
Arcade, Puzzle
best, cars, game, games, puzzles, sliding, sliding-puzzle
Water Blast
In this puzzle game, you must burst elements to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them. You need to eliminate all elements to complete the level and pass to the next In each level, you ca...
Adventure, Puzzle
chain, game, games, kids, logic, puzzles, reaction, water
7×7 Ultimate
Colorful tiles are crowding the board! Your task is to move them around to form lines to make them disappear. Better think twice how you move them, because position is what matters! You don't want to ...
Arcade, Puzzle
best, color, coloring, colors, game, games, kids, lines, logic, logica, memory, puzzles, square
Sokoban is a type of transport puzzle, in which the player pushes boxes or crates around in a warehouse, trying to get them to storage locations....
Arcade, Puzzle
best, puzzles
Dinosaurs World Hidden Miniature
Dinosaurs world hidden miniature has five levels of finding hidden Dinosaurs within the time limit. Let's See how much score you will get in the challenge!...
Girls, Puzzle
best, game, girl, hidden, numbers, objects, puzzles
Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs
The Dinosaurs are cute and awesome always. Do you love Dinosaurs, then here you can find the hidden alphabets inside of the cute Dinosaurs. There are five levels of finding hidden alphabets within the...
Girls, Puzzle
best, games, hidden, kids, numbers, object, puzzles, skill
Geometry Tower
How about building a burger tower? Or a teddy bear one? Drop items with precision to pile them up into a world's tallest tower!...
2d, best, classic, endless, friendly, games, levels, mobile, physics, puzzles, tower
Super Dunk Line 2
New basketball hit is here with full new alls and lines, Draw a line making the falling ball to attain the basket. Time your sketches correctly and steer clear of the bounce balls! keep playing and co...
basket, basketball, best, drawing, drawings, games, puzzles
Tap & Clapp
Game features:- 60 levels- new game element every 5 levels- really interesting and hard puzzles- everything is made via physics- cute graphics and sound...
Arcade, Puzzle
2d, physics, puzzles